07 September 2011

Army Party

22nd August 2011

Leroy's Army Party

Leroy was turning six. We had had a very rough year with 3 large Earthquakes and over 8500 aftershocks. We decided to still go ahead with a party for Leroy but because of the state of our land we hired a place for the party for the first time.

We hired Wigram Airbase. Leroy sent out invitations to his friends.


(Can you decipher the morse code?)

At Wigram

All the children met at Wigram where they were given Dog Tags with their names to wear and flight suits to put on. All the presents were loaded into a wooden airoplane and taken away for safe keeping.

All the children were marched outside for drills, then a turn on the obstacle course.
They were all having so much fun.

Learning to Salute

Lining up for the obstacle course

When the kids had completed the obstacle course we marched over to the Andover Plane.
Leroy lead the way up into the plane.
Everyone was buckled in and then over the PA the sound of the plane taking off started.
A minute into the flight all kids were told to take cover as the engine had stopped and the plane was going down. We were then preparing to jump out of the aircraft. EVACUATE!

When everyone was safe on the ground we proceeded to have a tour around the old bunkers

Then we went to the Pacific War Simulator Room which had sound and light effects.
This was a great experience taking shelter behind the trenches so we were not blown up.

Roll Call to make sure everyone was safe

Friends at the end of the tour
Austin, Marquess, James, Jamal, Roman, Brayden, Leroy, Keegan & Levi

Then it was time to eat. All food was provided as part of the hire.


Skinny Fries & Cheerio Bombers Blasted with Tom Sauce
Shortbread Fighter Cookies
Jet Fighter Jellies & Ice-cream Tubs
Bottle of Jet Fuel (kids Keri Sipper Juices or Calci Yum Milk)

Birthday Cake
A tanker for Leroy made by Mum.

Blowing out the candles

After opening presents from the wooden airoplane we then looked around the muesum
at all the old aircrafts and war memorabilia

Loot Bags

All kids went home with a balloon, Propeller Toy,
Parachute Man, Build a Helicoptor set and lollies.


Leroy had a fantastic Army birthday and everyone who attended had a great time too.


  1. I just found your blog, thanks to Pinterest!! I love the Army party you did for your son! Can you tell me what kind of candy that you used on the tank? So creative!

  2. Do not ask the guests for anything. They themselves will come and offer everything. If you are a guest, ask if the hostess needs anything. If not, a bottle of wine will not be superfluous (it is desirable that there is something less embarrassing in the bottle than “Milk of the beloved woman”). Good cakes or fancy chocolate are always welcome.