17 March 2013

Cake Smash

 17th March 2013
Willow's First Birthday Cake Smash

I had seen on heaps of American Websites lots of babies doing cake smashes for their first birthday. 
After ringing around a few photographers I couldn't find any that would do a cake smash for Willow at such short notice so Rob and I thought we would have some fun, make some great memories and capture the photos ourselves. 

A little rough and amateur but we all had fun! Makes me want to invest in a good backdrop, my sheet I used really needed an iron :) 
Here are a few of my favourites. 6 days early but I wanted Rob to enjoy the cake Smash as well and next weekend is her birthday.
I made her a tutu out of a crochet headband.  I found a little video on youtube that shows how you thread the tutu material through the holes in the headband and make a knot. No sewing needed at all. Continue this around and complete for another three layers and you have a great looking tutu you can throw away when covered in food after the cake smash.  I used her favourite colours.. Pink, Orange and Purple and continued the theme in the Giant Cupcake with these colours for icing as well.   

Some of my favourite Photos 

Some Collages of the photos

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