24 March 2013

Minnie Mouse Party

 24th March 2013
Willow's First Birthday


 Willow's first birthday had come around so quickly.  I knew we needed to do something special and very pink for her after having three boys.  We starting planning a few months ago and today had such a magical day with family and friends.



I brought a large scene setter, blow up characters, lots of balloons and some little banners.  Found some Disney toys in amongst the boys toys and decorated the house for Willow 


Party food for me is always a bit of a challenge.  This time the pink food colouring came in handy, cake pops were a bit harder than I thought and the 3D biscuits were a nightmare but in the end the table looked very inviting for all the guests :)  A plain pink table cloth, cute Minnie Mouse serviettes and my favourite.. our home made plates shaped like Minnie Mouse.

Table setting

(I noticed after taking some photos the empty plate on the table.  It finally had cheerios in it)

Birthday Cake

This was a pink sponge cake with a little edible icing I brought.


Party Games

We played four games, Stick the Jewels on Minnie Mouse (Similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey), Mickey Mouse Treasure Hunt, Pass the Parcel and had a Piñata  that the kids and I made and decorated.

Some sounds (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Soundtrack) played for Willow and Friends by my son wearing half the broken Piñata on his head :)

Prizes and Loot Bags for the Party

Mickey Mouse Watch & Nail Art Stickers

Bouncy Ball & Bucket & Spade Set

 Loot Bags full of Disney Stickers, lollies and lots of party toys, Sipper Cups & Puzzles for the guests to take home 

Thank You to everyone...Willow's first birthday was truly a magical event!