20 August 2012

Chef Party

19th August 2012

Chef Party

Leroy loves watching Masterchef on TV so I thought what could be a better theme for his 7th birthday than to have a Chef Party.  I brought little Chef hats and aprons for the children from Tupperware in a bright green.  Each child had a station at the table to work from with a flexi chopping board and utensils.

 I made these little invitations for Leroy to give out to his best friends.


As each child arrived Leroy gave them an apron and hat and let them choose what station they wanted to work at, where they found a little recipe book of things we were going to make today.  First we started with washing our hands and then each child was given a pizza base.  They created their own pizzas to cook.  We had lots of different looking pizzas.  Toppings were PIzza Sauce, Salami, Ham, Chicken, Pepperoni, Sausage, Onions, Pineapple, Corn, Tomato, Mushrooms, Fresh Herbs and Cheese.  The pizzas were then put in the oven to cook.

While the pizzas were cooking in the oven we played our first game.

The Chocolate Game.
All the kids sat around in a circle, they each had to roll a six on the the dice.  If you get a six you put on the pair of gloves and scarf and proceed to cut the chocolate one piece at a time and eat it.  This one one of their favourites.

When all the chocolate was gone each child went back to their station and paired up.  We had six children so three pairs.  They were given a large plate, banana, mandarins and kiwifruit and had to creat a fruit platter the same as the game card they were given.  I was so impressed with the final results.  Each team made fantastic palm trees on a beach.

Yay.. Pizzas cooked and they looked delicious.  We set the table ready to eat.

After all pizzas had been eaten we decorated cookies.  Leroy and I made these the day before.  They were all Leroy's favourite shapes.

Using Icing pens the boys all decorates at least three cookies each and then lots were eaten, left overs were taken home :)

 Austin shared one of his decorated cookies with me :)

Next we played 'The Mystery Grocery Game'
Rob brought out onto the table a tray of 20 items.  They had about 3-5 minutes to remember what items they could and then the tray was taken away.  They had to write down as many items as they could remember.  The most anyone got was 15/20 which was a fantastic effort.

I cut up plates of fruit for the kids who then made fruit Kebabs.  They used Apple, Grapes, Oranges, Pear, Kiwi Fruit, Banana and Marshmellows for an added treat.

Breaking Open a Coconut.  This was something I had never done before either.  Once again we went in pairs.  Each child got to pierce a hole in the top of the coconuts and empty the milk into a cup.  It was great to see the team work going on with each team.  When all coconuts were emptied we tried to break them open but ended up outside breaking them open on the concrete.

After a quick cleanup the boys came back to their stations and were very excited to see they were going to make Ice-cream sundaes.
They each filled up their glasses with ice-cream, choose a syrup.. Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel, put Whipped cream on the top and decorated with sprinkles, chocolates and small lollies.
There wasn't a drop left in the Sundae Cups when I collected them off the table.

Little mini Chocolates Leroy made the day before for his friends that were added to the top of the Sundaes:)

Most of the boys were very full by now but all wanted to make the Orange twist drink to wash down all the goodies they had been eating.

Birthday cake

I was going to make Leroy a Chef cake but at the last minute he decided he wanted a Dinosaur Bone Cake.  I was quite proud of how this cake turned out since I didn't have much time to think about it and really had no idea what I was doing :)

Last game before home time
'Jelly Bean Tasting'
Each child was blind folded and had to try and guess the colour of the jellybean they were eating.  There were nine colours altogether.

 Home time... everyone had such a great time.
I was amazed how well behaved each kid was during the three hour party :)
Leroy gave his friends a loot bag to take home.  They also got to keep their apron and hat and drinking cups.

Loot Bags

 Apron, hat, recipe cards, drinking cup with bendy straw, pizza pen, pizza lollies, smarties and some stationery all put in a popcorn box to take home.

Leroy and I with cupcakes to give out to the parents picking up the children and also made for friends visiting afterwards for afternoon tea.  
They had little Chef hats & a knife and Pizzas on the top.

My little 5 month old daughter Willow was so well behaved and helped wave goodbye to Leroy's guests :)  


  1. I so want to be a kid again and have a mum like you.

  2. fantastic party my son who is turning 10 in december loves watching my kitchen rules and masterchef so will see if hes interested in doing some of the things you did with your son and friends thanks :)

  3. this looks like was such a great party.I am going to steal some of these ideas for my daughters 7th birthday :o)

  4. Penny, I just love this party idea and your photos are really great. The photo of your daughter in her chef's outfit is just too sweet. This is definitely going on the list for next year. Would you mind if I copied the text from the invitation?