27 May 2013

Robbie's 40th!

 19 May 2013
Robbie's 40th Birthday

My husband Robbie was turning 40.  He always loves helping out with our kids parties but isn't too keen on celebrating himself.  I really wanted to do a theme for him but it wasn't really his thing so maybe another year. I just want to share photos of his amazing cake (I didn't make it this time but designed it), so pleased he loved it. We hired the local pub and invited lots of family and close friends.  It was a magical 40th birthday, everyone enjoyed themselves and so did we!  Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated with us. 


40th DJ Birthday Cake

Speeches & Cutting the Cake

Our lovely friends and family celebrating the night with us all.

Robbie and our four children, Jamal, Leroy, Austin and Willow 

Our son Jamal .. following in his dad's footsteps.  He was allowed to DJ the first few sets of the night.

Some of the nibbles I put out for people to eat during the night along with the usual sandwiches, chips etc

My hubbies favourite drink!  Seemed appropriate to drink bottles with 1973 on the label. 

and a lot of guests added the perfect gift to go with all his coke :)

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