26 March 2018

Unicorn Party

23rd March 2018
Willow's 6th Birthday - Part 2 

Willow's best friend left in February so we had her little party a few weeks early .. A Sleepover.  But Willow being Willow twisted my finger and talked me into a small party on her actual birthday with some of her school friends.  So we had a little look around the shops and decided on a small Unicorn Party.  I told her she could have 4-5 friends. She ended up inviting 16 :)  


We stayed with the colours we had done for her other party.  We simply loved the rainbow unicorn and pastel colours.


This is the first time we have chosen a theme without trying to get decorations and it made it so much easier.  Kmart had a huge selection of large Unicorn Balloons, Unicorn Mirror, Banners, Honeycomb Unicorns, gorgeous Pinata and lots of small Unicorn themed loot treats.  We ordered plates and table cloth from Aliexpress and the rest was brought from The Warehouse.


It wasn't the best day weather wise, raining so when we saw a break in the weather we made the most of it and went out side to hit the Pinata.  All the kids waited patiently for their turns, by the time the second round came up they were cheering each other on.  There was no way this Pinata was going to break so I gave it a helping hand and made a small tear.  This really got things going and finally it was smashed open.  So great seeing all the kids so happy.  Pinata Unicorn was bought from Kmart and filled with lollies.

Our second game was a Unicorn Relay.  
We made two groups and one by one they each had a go around the obstacles.  They had to pick up a baby unicorn, ride on a unicorn pole around the cones to the big rainbow where they had to hop into the Hula Hoops and throw a coloured ball into the large inflatable unicorn, then race back and tag the next person in their team.

The third game was inside again as the rain was coming down heavy again.  Pass the Parcel with a twist.  Each layer had something Unicorn related.  Here are the questions / Facts / Jokes etc we had on each layer.  The final layer was a Unicorn Pencil Holder.

Where would you see a Unicorn?
What Colour is a Unicorn?
JOKE: What do you call a Unicorn with no Horn - A Horse
What Animal has one horn like a Unicorn - A Rhino
What is the Name of the Toy Unicorn in Toy Story 3? Buttercup
What is the latest toy in the shops thatis a Unicorn - Unicorn Fingerling
JOKE: What do Baby Unicorns call their Grandad - POP-CORN
Do Unicorns really exist?  Are they Fact or Fiction?
Make three words out of the letters UNICORN
JOKE: Where do Unicorns go to school? - UNI-VERSITY 
What is the National Animal of Scotland? (UNICORN)  What is the National Animal of New Zealand?
What is the Unicorns closest cousin on Earth? Narwhal
Dance like a Unicorn!
JOKE: What do Unicorns Ride? UNI-CYCLES
In the Despicable Me Movie, Who loves Unicorns? Agnes
What is your Unicorn Name?

Game Four: Find the Unicorn.
using an old game we had made for other parties I painted over the black with pink spray paint.  The object of the game is to throw a Unicorn print ball at the cup and try to find the hidden Unicorn.  All the cups have mini chocolate bars in them and one has the missing unicorn.
We played the game in alphabetical order with every child getting a throw at the board.    Well done to George who found the missing unicorn.  

Game Five was the Chocolate Game.

This is Willow's favourite game so had to include this one in her party.

For this game you need a large tray, large block of plain chocolate, dice, knife and fork and a prop to put on.I had looked for a unicorn hat but at $20 I decided to save money and go for the funny looking Unicorn Helmet from Kmart for $1.50.All the kids sat in a circle and took turns at rolling the dice trying to get a 6.  When someone got a six they had to put on the Unicorn Helmet and cut the chocolate one piece at a time and eat it.  When the next person rolls a 6 they take over.  It was great seeing everyone cheering each other on.

Game Six: Pin the Horn on the Unicorn.
 I got this game fro Kmart also, and was really surprised to see it had enough stickers for 20 players.  Each child took their turn trying to place the horn on the unicorn closest to the mark.

Food & Cake

This year Willow was a little bit older and helped me plan her favourite foods for the party.We had Unicorn Sandwiches, Rainbow Jellies with Chocolate Unicorns, Unicorn Pops, Unicorn Cups filled with Popcorn, Cupcakes, Cheerios, Savouries and Pizza along with lots of other amazing treats

The cake!  Well this year Willow wanted a rainbow cake.  

I decided I wouldn't order a cake, how hard could it be and I would be saving money.  Well after a day of very stressful moments in the kitchen I will be buying one from now on :)  The cake only just standing by the time the party started.

George being a great friend and lifting Willow up so she could blow out her candles x 

Willow cutting her cake open... hoping there will be a rainbow .. Yes Success !!!

Loot Bag & Prizes

I was amazed at how easy it was to get little things Unicorn related.  It really makes a different choosing a theme that is the in thing :)

We made Loot bags for all the girls and boys and everyone was offered a Unicorn Headband.  All the girls loved them.. I had a feeling the boys wouldn't wear them so got
them an extra few treats s well to take home.

 Here are a few ideas of prizes I had for the games and a few presents that were unicorn related.


Willow loved having her friends over to help her celebrate her 6th birthday.  
Thank you so much to everyone for being so well behaved, having amazing manners and being a great friend to Willow.
We hope you all had a wonderful time and also a huge thank you for all her amazing presents.

Photo: Austin, George, Shyla-Lilly, Dylan, Niko, Liam, Cooper, Kaitlyn, Milly, Nevaeh
Elsie, Mela, Willow, Isabelle, Atawhai

Willow Rose Margaret
Thank you for being an amazing daughter. 
We cheerish every moment we have with you. 
You are a huge ray of sunshine in our lives. 
Keep being you, enjoy every moment, smile and have fun.

Love Mummy & Daddy xxx


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