03 May 2011

Car Racing Party

22nd August 2009
For Leroy’s 4th Birthday we themed it as a Car party. Leroy’s lovely godparents organised a racing car to come to our place on the day so the kids could have photos and a play in it. Leroy was so excited to see his name on the Licence Plates.

We brought some chequered material and made flags to go up the driveway. We managed to get some free tyres and brought some small road cones to set up our race track.

Inside we had Black and White balloons and Car racing banners.

Grandad Gordon made Leroy a Go Cart with his Name on in. This was such a hit with all the kids.


The Invitation I made for Leroy had a picture of Roary the racing Car on it. We also made Pit Passes for all the guests to wear. The kids were in Team 1 and the Adults in Team 2. These were worn around everyone's necks once they entered into the race track (our front yard)

Games & Prizes
Pass the parcel – last layer was checked.
Prize was a very cool set of smashed up car book ends

Bean Bag Throw into Tyres. I made the bean bags out of chequered material filled with rice.
Prizes: Panorama Pressers (Cars Movie) & Formula 1 Racing Cars Tyre Races
Pin the Wheel on the Car. For this game we had a car racing poster and I made wheels for each child to stick on the car. This was played on the back of the Racing Car
Prize: Put it together Racing Car Set

Treasure Hunt
Prizes for each child: Racing Car stickers, Party Wheels, Kool Karz badges, Lollies

Musical Pit Stop – with Road Cones
Prize: Cars Playdoh & Cars Colouring in Book

Car Races (in our plastic cars). Track was around the driveway through tyres and around cones. – Prize: each child got a gold Racing Car Trophy.

Music at the Party
Cars Soundtrack - Pixar/Disney
Real Gone
Route 66
Life Is A Highway
Behind The Clouds
Our Town
Route 66
Find Yourself
Opening Race
McQueen's Lost
My Heart Would Know
Dirt Is Different
New Road
Tractor Tipping
Mcqueen And Sally
Pre-Race Pageantry
The Piston Cup
The Big Race

Food Traffic Light Fruit Kebabs
Car Biscuits

Wraps – Lettuce, Ham, Tomato Egg, Ham, Sandwiches
Mini Donuts
Muffins with chequered flags

Potato Chips Savouries
Candyfloss – Each child made this fresh with our Maker


Cream Lamingtons
Lolly Cake
Truffles & Marshmallows

Loot Bags
Glitter Lip Glosses – Girls only
Spinning Wheels
Cars Movie Vehicles
Scratch a picture

A fantastic fun filled day enjoyed by everyone.