02 May 2011

Soccer Party

22nd September 2009
Jamal was turning six and had just started playing Soccer. We invited some of his friends to his Soccer party which was held after school.
We brought some large Soccer ball decorations that hung from the ceiling. We blew up giant soccer balls, set up a game of mini soccer in the back yard, brought a cheap foosball game and played party games.
We also brought soccer themed serviettes, table cloth, plates and cups for the table.

Harley, Wyatt, Nicolas, Chloe, Mads, Leroy & Austin
The Invitation I made for Jamal had a picture of him in his soccer uniform and the outline of a soccer field. I used only white and green for the invite.
Games & Prizes
Pass the Parcel. – Prize Sports Radio and Soccer games console
The Chocolate game. We had a block of Chocolate and a dice. The players had to roll a 6 on the dice. If the player rolled a six they had to put on a Soccer Jersey and cut one piece of chocolate at a time with a Knife and Fork and eat it. They continued until another player rolled a six.
Homemade Soccer Ball Pinata
Pin the Soccer Player on the Ball. – Prize Mini Foosball game
Games outside – Foosball Table / Mini Backyard Soccer Set / Soccer Ball on a String (similar to Pole Tennis) / Blow up soccer balls


Homemade Soccer Birthday Cake with soccer ball candles. I made a circle cake and iced it green with green coloured coconut for grass. I had found a little soccer player cake decoration at a cake shop and wrote #6 on the front. I used a finger soccer set for the ball and goal.
This was a really easy cake to make and tasted delicious.
Soccer decorated Cupcakes
Gingerbread men decorated like soccer players
Sandwiches / Fairy Bread
Pizza sponge cake with lollies
Pizza / Mini Hotdogs
Strawberries dipped in Chocolate
Cut Up Oranges
Homemade Candyfloss
Soccer Lollypops
Soft Drink / Orange Juice

Loot Bags
We brought soccer ball Loot bags. Each child got one from Jamal when they were dropped home.
Soccer Ball Facecloths
Finger soccer game (Soccer boots, ball and 2 goals all finger sized)
Referee Whistle
2x Soccer Lollypops
Mentos Mini Roll of Lollies
Soccer Player Box - Add water see the player grow on the field
Jelly Babies Lollies
Bubbles with soccer stickers on them
Jamal really enjoyed his Soccer Party and so did his guests.

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