20 May 2012

Carnival Party

22nd April 2012

Austin's Carnival Party

Austin was turning 5 and all he wanted for his birthday was a bouncy castle and helium balloons.  I thought a carnival theme would go perfectly with his wishes!  We hired the Scout Hall around the road and started planning.


The Hall & Games

We decorated the hall the day before so it was a huge surprise for Austin on the day.  We brought a tank of Helium to blow up balloons and also blew up 100 normal balloons to decorate as well.  We added streamers and clown banners everywhere.  

Games we played were Three in a Row, Pin the nose on the clown, Fishing for ducks
Pass the Parcel - The Bin of Mystery lucky dip game, Throw the ball at the cans
Throw the ball in the clowns net, Stilts, Juggling, Sack Races
Three in a row and we also had a Fun Photo Booth

This was our Pick a Prize board that guests got to choose from after winning a game

Three in a Row Game

Throw the Ball at the Clown Game

Our home made ticket booth where kids lined up for tickets to play the games

Tin Can Ball Throw Game

Fishing for Lucky Ducks Game

The Bin of Mystery Game - This game was pass the parcel with a twist.  When the children unwrapped a layer there was a ticket that they could exchange for a present in the Bin of Mystery (Lucky Dips) 

We had sack Races, Hula Hooping, Juggling & Stilts.

Kids on the Merry-go-round (Carousal) Bouncy Castle

Pin the Nose on the Clown Game

Photo Booth - We asked all the guests to dress up in the photo booth so a collage of family and friends could be made for Austin.  I think it turned out fantastic!

Party Food & Tables

We set a table for all the children.  Austin wanted to sit at the head of the table.  Loot bags were put on the table for all the children along with little bottles of drink.

We had so much food, Popcorn, Candyfloss, Lollies, Strong Man Dumbbells, Carnival Cupcakes, Sandwiches, Savouries, Cheerios, Rainbow Jellies, Pizza and so much more.

Waiting for food to be served

Birthday Cake

I brought an edible icing of a carnival setting off Ebay and made a delicious moist chocolate cake.

Loot Bags
Each child got a Carnival box with party hat, poppers, lollies, clown noise balloons & clown clickers as well as a helium balloon to take home.

Austin had such a wonderful time at his Carnival Party.  He especially loved jumping around in the Carousel bouncy castle with all his friends.  Thanks to everyone who made his birthday so special.

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  1. Awesome, do you do parties for older kids to?