22 May 2014

High Tea Party

9th May 2014

Kelsey's 23rd High Tea Party

This party I did not plan so will take no credit for it,  but I did attend and take photos.  Kelsey is my little sister and this was her 23rd birthday.  Willow and I were invited down to Temuka for her birthday.  Kelsey was very organised, I just helped a little with decorating and food.  Unfortunately we had to leave early in the afternoon to get back to Christchurch for my sons First Holy Communion the next day so missed the second half of the party.  It was a fabulous relaxing afternoon.  Thank you Kelsey for inviting us xx

Kelsey had borrowed, mainly from Mum and Sue (Mother in Law to be) gorgeous old plates, table cloths, cups, saucers and teapots.  

Decorations - Flowers and Silk Butterflies

Alcoholic Punch and Wine

Tea pots.  I loved the one at the back on the right.  When you poured you tea into the cup it played music. 

Guests were asked to bring a Cup and Saucer.  Here are some of the gorgeous ones that arrived.

Tea Table 

High Tea Food 

Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins, Caramel Tarts, Wild-berry Crumble, Macaroons 

Cupcakes made in Silicon Tea Cups with Saucers 

Chocolate Snowballs, fruit Platter, Scones with fresh Cream and Jam and Chocolate Cream Puffs  

Iced Tea with Scones, Cream and Jam.

Club Sandwiches, Cheese & Crackers, Fruit Platter and mini Savouries

Kelsey filling the teapots

Aunty Wendy and Mum.  Poor mum was stung on her eye, leg and stomach by wasps helping Kelsey during the week in her gardens.

Kerri, Leo, Kelseys nephew (only boy at the party) and Sue

Becky having a cup of herbal tea

Willow was so excited about Aunty Kelsey's birthday.  It was her first all girls party.  Thank you Nanny for letting her use your tiny tea cup and saucer.  She loved it :)

Willow drinking Iced Tea in her teacup

Willow and me enjoying the afternoon tea.

Kelsey with her cup and saucer.  This was my favourite set at the party.

Kelsey with some of her best friends

Relaxed guests, Sue, Aunty Sue and Aunty Jan, all enjoying the party.

Aunty Sue with her cup and saucer set from her 21st (I think she said)

Willow fitted in so well, she was just one of the ladies. 

Georgie with her cup of tea.

Kelsey and Carrie trying the fresh scones.

Kelsey's High Tea Party was just perfect. 
 I loved how she invited some of her Aunty's to share her special day. 
 I hear the evening when lots of her girlfriends arrived was just as good.  
Finally in bed by 5am :)    

Love you so much Kelsey.  I am very lucky to have such a wonderful little sister xxx

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