26 August 2014

Sports Party

22nd August 2014
Leroy's 9th Sports Birthday Party

Leroy asked for something a bit more low key this year, he didn't want a fuss made out of him.  For me that was very hard, how could I make a great day for him with is only being low key :) ?  I sat down with his and asked him what he wanted to do.. he loves sports and asked to go somewhere where he could play with his friends.  After a few phone calls around town I booked two lanes at AMF Bowling.
In the weekends they have Party Hosts but because I was wanting a Friday evening they said it would be all up to us to sort the players.  I asked if I could come in early and set up a long table in the restaurant.  This was not something they usually do but because we were coming early in the night they said it was fine.  Lanes are for 6 players so Leroy invited enough of his good friends to come and have a great night with him.


 Leroy loves all sports and loves Star Wars so I found a great photo to use on his invitation.  He thought it looked great.   

Cake and Food 

I searched the internet for some ideas for a sports cake and came up with a few I really liked.  One that really stood out was a sports bag.  I contacted my friend who is a cake maker and asked her to create a cake in Woolston colours (Leroy's League Team).  I asked for a sports bag with sports equipment from all the sports he played.  The cake looked amazing with a basketball, league ball, softball mit, bats and ball and a drink bottle and there was even a ten pin skittle.  

As part of the party package at AMF Bowling all the kids got a hot meal of nuggets, hotdogs and chips with a drink.
We ordered an additional platter for food for the adults.

 We got to AMF Bowling half an hour early and set the party table.  I had found a sport table cloth, serviettes, party hats and soccer ball plates while shopping.  I ordered a few helium balloons for the table.  Leroy had helped me make treats for his class at school and because we had made so many we took a plate for the kids to share as well.  Lolly Cake, Marshmallow, Lolly Fudge and Truffles.

All the guests had arrived.. time to get some bowling shoes and a bowling ball and head on down to our lanes.

Everyone gathered around to hear how to play and what teams they were in.

Let the games begin.... 5 kids in each team and Rob and Michael (Leroy's godfather) also playing.

Who would have thought we would have such great bowlers, spares, splits and even strikes! 

Great hour of bowling, really amazed at how great all the kids were at cheering each other on.
There were some very high scores and a very very tired and hungry kids afterwards.

Leroy awarded Geordan and Salu a trophy for winning the games.

Leroy and his mates :)

Opening presents... thank you so much to everyone for the great presents.  One very spoilt boy!

All of Leroy's friends had a great time bowling and were very hungry so the food went down well. 

Candles lit... time to sing Happy Birthday to Leroy!

Leroy blowing out the candles.

Leroy cutting his birthday cake.

Loot Bags

This year we made loot bags to suit what sports Leroy's friends played.  We had Basketball, Soccer, League and Softball themed bags.  Every friend got a sports watch, pad, pencil, sports ball novelty item, tennis ball bubble gums, whistle, balloons and noise poppers.

After food and bowing all the kids went into the games room with tokens to have some fun on the machines before being picked up by their parents.

A huge thank you to Leroy's amazing mates... Salu, WhunnDaa, Levi, James, Marquees, Geordan, Cyrus and brothers Jamal and Austin for coming and playing a great game of bowling with Leroy.  Also a huge thank you to Rob, Michael and Willow (Leroy's little sister).  Another successful party with one very happy boy who makes me so proud.

Love you heaps Leroy
Love Mum xx

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