25 March 2015

Princess Party

22nd March 2015
Willow's Princess Party

This was a party I had never thought would happen.  After three boys, finally a little girl Willow who is Princess mad.
All Willow wanted for her birthday was to be a princess for the day.  I was sure I could make her dreams come true.  
We had moved into our first house at Christmas and have a lot more room so everyone was really looking forward to seeing our new place and enjoying the day.

My friend was selling her party business so I managed to get some amazing party accessories.
Willow's favourite princesses are Belle and Snow White. 
 I bought her a gorgeous Belle dress and also a Snow White outfit for my sister to dress up in.  Luckily she thought it was a great idea and loved helping out on the day.  What a great aunty :)


My Little Princess 

Cake and Food 

Princess novelties were everywhere this year.  It sure made things a lot easier when planning. We found princess chocolates with all the princesses on them, princess chocolate coins too.  Willow and I made cupcakes with little handmade castles and crowns on them.  
We also made wand biscuits.  I ordered a castle cake for her, which was amazing.  
She was so excited when she saw it.

Princess Water Bottles - Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.

Jellies with Chocolate Frogs.  Inspiration from the Tiana Princess story "The Princess and the Frog"

Willow picked out these awsome Cupcake Stands at Spotlight  $30 down to $5 each.  There were perfect castles for our Princess Themed party.

Birthday Cake made by a lovely lady at Clever Cookie.  
Willow absolutely loved it.  It was a beautiful moist chocolate cake.  

Cutting the cake with mum.  
By this stage of the party Willow was out of her Princess Dress and into something easier to jump on the bouncy castle in.

Table Extras

We had Crown Shaped Plates for the little Princesses, Prince Plates for the Princes, and Round Princess plates and Serviettes for the adults.  Little Princess Tiara's for the girls and Crowns and Sceptres for the boys.  Princess Table cloths, backdrops and banners.


Before planning any games Willow and I decided to find out how many Disney Princesses there actually were.  
This was how we planned our treasure hunt.  We printed out large princess pictures and their names and stuck them to sticks to put in the garden.  My sister Kelsey, dressed as Snow White, read out clues for the kids.  When they worked out who the princess was they had to run around the property and find that princess.  This continued until the last princess where the clue sent them to the Wicked Queen's magic mirror.  This is where the kids found the Royal Treasure.  A bubble wand for each child.  They loved it.  

Treasure Hunt Clues








The princesses were Anna (Frozen), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Merida (Brave), Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel (Tangled), Snow White, Tiana (The Princess & The Frog), Elsa (Frozen), Cinderella and Sophia the First.


This old mirror we got off trade me for $5.00.
It was pink so Willow helped me spray paint it gold so we could use it as a prop for her treasure hunt.


This year I managed to find a castle pinata at the local shopping centre.  Willow and I filled it with lots of goodies.  We love having pinatas at parties, it's something every child wants to join in and do.

Pin the Star on the Wand - Princess Game
I purchased two games so all the kids could play.  Even nanny got a go :)  

Pass the Parcel.  The prize was a Cinderella Playdoh Princess Set.
Jamal was in charge of music and played lots of Princess Soundtracks.

Some of Willow's favourite songs are: 
Let it Go and Do you wanna build a snowman from the Frozen Movie
A whole new world from Aladin
Some day my prince will come from Snow White 
When Will my life begin - Rapunzel (Tangled) 

Bouncy Castle

The party was perfect with Willow's own castle arriving just before the party.  She was so excited seeing Snow White on the front and Prince Charming.  The kids had so much fun bouncing around together.

Princess Crafts 

I knew we were having a few older girls at the party so I got crafts for them to make Necklaces and Bracelets.  I ordered 20 little Princess charms which were a huge hit.  The children made their jewelry and put them into little Princess Bags.

Fun Party Times & Guests 





Here are some other prizes given out at games.  
Princess Stickers, Bag, Colouring in Book, Books, Little Prince DVD, Princess Reward Charts & Stickers & Bling Bling Princess Craft Sets

Loot Bags

I knew when I was organising this princess party that I really wanted to give each child who came as a guest a Princess Book.
These are some of the gifts we gave to everyone who came to Willow's party.

Hair Care Set shapes like Princess Dresses, Books, Bubbles, Crown Rings, wands
Boys bags were just a bit of fun as i didn't think they would appreciate princess treats :)

 Thank you to everyone who celebrated with Willow at her Princess Party and a huge thank you for all the wonderful presents.
She was a very spoilt girl by you all.
I know we are going to have so much fun with it all .

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  1. How wonderfully you have done all arrangements dear. It’s really a beautiful themed princess party. Your party planner has done wonderful work dear. I loved ever pic you shared here.