28 March 2016

Rachel's Yellow Duckie Baby Shower

16 January 2016
Rachel's Baby Shower

A surprise baby shower for one of my best friends Rachel.
After years of being amazing surrogate Uncle and Aunty to all my kids Michael and Rachel are having a baby of their own.  I am so excited about the birth of this little baby.

Rachel's sister in laws are triplets and organised with me to host a baby shower for Rachel.
Rachel was so overwhelmed by the whole surprise and there were tears of joy everywhere :)

As guests arrived I gave them a baby pin to wear.  If they heard anyone say the word Baby then they could take their pin.  At the end of the baby shower the person with the most pins won a prize.

Guests were also given a baby in ice.  The first person to yell 'My Waters Have Broken' won a prize also.



I was lucky enough to host a baby shower for my sister in law last year so most of the games I already had but altered them to work for Rachel's baby shower.

We played Baby Left Right Game, Baby Trivia, Baby Pictionary, The Price is Right and Baby Food Tasting.

To start the baby shower I played the Left Right Baby Game.  A small parcel was passed around the circle of Rachel's friends.  I read out a small story and if you heard Left or right the parcel had to be passed in that direction.  When the story finished the person holding the parcel won the gift.

Mrs Wright went into labour.  Mr Wright preparing to take Mrs Wright right to hospital.  He was in such a hurry that he put his Right Shoe on his Left foot.  Obviously, he was not in the right frame of mind.
Mrs Wright grabbed her sweater from the Left hand side of the closet and they quickly Left the house for the hospital.  As Mrs Wright approached the hospital, he noticed a detour sign.  The Left lane was blocked so he turned Right instead.
Mr Wright drove Right up to the hospital entrance and helped Mrs Wright inside.  As soon as they got inside the hospital he realised that he had Left the car running.  He had to go Right back outside and turn off the engine.
He Left the car parked in front of the hospital and headed Right back towards the reception desk.  As he approached the desk, he realised that he had Left the keys in the ignition.
Panicked, he went Right back to the car, but noticed that the Left driver side door was locked.  Luckily Mrs Wright hadn’t locked the Right side when she got out.
Mr Wright ran Right back into the hospital again.  Mrs Wright had been taken to the labour and delivery room.  The nurse instructed him to go down the blue hall and turn Left, Right past the water fountain.
By the time Mr Wright got to the room, Mrs Wright was already pushing, so the Dr asked Mr Wright to stand on the Right side of Mrs Wright’s bed and hold her Right hand.
Mrs Wright looked Right into Mr Wrights eye’s and asked “Where is the Video Camera?” 
“Oh No” said Mr Wright, I Left it at home!
Mrs Wright closed her eyes and said “Right now, you are not my favourite person.  It might be better if you just Left the room”
Left? Said Mr Wright.  That wouldn’t be Right at all”. I am staying here with you.
Right then, Mrs Wright screamed and squeezed Mr Wrights Left hand really tight.  Mrs Wright had the baby.Dr Bing handed Mrs Wright her baby and the proud parents looked down totally in love with their new addition.  Mr Wright looked at Mrs Wright and said the baby was so precious they should work on another little Wright immediately.  Mrs Wright looked at Mr Wright in amazement and said “You’re Joking Right?

Rachel and her mum had the white boards and all the guests were divided into two teams - Pink and Blue
This was extremely funny game to watch but everyone d
id so well.
he things had to draw were all baby related objects.


Each guest was given a sheet of celebrity baby names and their parents.  
They had to match the families to win.

Next we played Baby Trivia.

 If the guests could answer the questions Rachel got to open a Rubber Duckie Bag filled with baby gifts.
The bags were labelled  BABY SHOWER








B - Booties
A - Alphabet Blocks
B - Baby Blanket
Y - Yellow Duckies

S - Swaddle
H - Hair Brush and Comb
O - Onesie
W - Washers
E - Ear Thermometer
R - Rattles  & Record Book





Baby Food Tasting 

I bought 5 cans of baby food and took the labels off. 
 Each guest had to guess the flavour of the baby food to win a small prize.  Some of the flavours were quite hard to guess and when everyone knew what they had been testing they were not keen to let Rachel use these all offering to cook fresh veges for the baby to be :) 

 Once again the guests were given a sheet.
They had a list of baby products that they had to write a price for.  Closest person with the total spent at Countdown won a prize.


 Thank you everyone for an amazing surprise baby shower for Rachel.  
Rachel and Michael are now the very proud parents of a gorgeous baby boy named Harry.
He is absolutely gorgeous and I'm proud to be one of his Aunties

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